Harmon for Mayor of Shelton 

--  Lally For Treasurer --

The current administration has been in place for 28 years. And in that time, the following three troubling situations continue, year after year: 

  • A contentious relationship with the Board of Education

  • A government that’s run in semi-secret with only token involvement of the Boards of Alderman and Apportionment & Taxation

  • A government without a long-term plan for what Shelton can become


Oh yes, and low taxes. Are low taxes the only thing that the citizens of Shelton want? Is the current administration the only means of achieving that? What if there could be more -- and improved -- services WITH low taxes?  A Harmon Administration will deliver both.


Shelton can be more than it is with:

  • A bustling downtown 
  • Full services for youth, families and seniors

  • High quality public education

  • Up-to-date parks, recreational facilities and public buildings

To do this, we don’t need to raise taxes. We need city operations to be more open, accountable, and efficient. The city and schools need to work together to achieve the quality education our children deserve. Schools are not just an expense but an asset and should be treated that way. Shelton needs a government that serves all the people.

John can help us get there.

Bob Lally is a lifelong Shelton resident, former Alderman, Deputy Registrar of Voters and successful businessman. Bob looks forward to working with John Harmon as Mayor to move Shelton forward.


Q&A with John:

On the Road with John Harmon Video Series

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